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The Canteen Pot


Client Project

Very Good & Proper, the contemporary British furniture brand, approached us to discover what they should do next.  Well known for supplying utilitarian furniture and accessories to restaurants, a move into the serveware was logical for both their brand and their market. The C-12 Pot is a set of cook/serveware designed specifically for restaurant dining. The cast iron pot allows the dish to be both cooked in the oven, then served on the tabletop piping hot. 


The Marks of Social Identity


Cultural Research Project

This project examines the role of social identity between collectivism and individualism. Our identity today is heavily marked by consumerism and material values. What if our social identity is not represented by objects we owe, but by markings on our skin? Tattoo (Tatau) was first used by aboriginal people as marks of pride. Each tattoo symbolises a different achievement and social recognition in the tribe. If this ritual has carried on to our society, how would we hold this ritual, what would it look like and how will it alter our perception of each other?

The Globe Light


Furniture Project

This project is about exploring the materiality of low-valued sheet plywood and turning it into a piece of furniture. 


Heinz Beanz Fresh Pack

Client Project

This project is about exploring ways of how people consume beans. Through its findings, it indicates that most people find tinned beans unheathy, so this project has rebrand Heinz Beanz into a healthy eating beanz. It's new transparent plastic packaging has enhance the freshness of processed food. 


The Virgin Atlantic Sensation Camera

Branding Project

This project is about decoding and understanding the brand Virgin Atlantic. Then design a camera concept which fits into the brand image and values. The VA sensation camera is an innovative camera concept which records the smell while taking a picture. As bold as the Virgin atlantic brand is, this is a revolutionary camera which captures the seductive taste of Virgin Atlantic.

Work for Cinimod Studio

3D Visualisation and Interactive Art Project


Cinimod Studio is a cross-discipline practice based in London specialising in the fusion of architecture and lighting design. Through the time in Cinimod, I have produced some 3D visualisation work and was assigned to an interactive art project which involves shooting laser in the water with fluorescent dye.